30 Napkins Storage Capacity Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

We are attempting to give a high-class scope of Napkin Dispensing Machine to regarded customers. We are having an uncommon group of specialists.

These Napkin Vending Machines are given in differing requirements according to the necessities of clients.


Amid the initial three days of monthly cycle Female need to change their Sanitary napkins each three to four hours else they will be effectively getting influenced by UTERUS Cancer and TSS.
TSS remains for Toxic Shock Syndrome. It is conceivably unsafe disease. TSS can influence any individual who utilizes the tampons for long time.
While working/study they won't get the time for shopping the napkins


Press Button Technology
Card Sensor Technology
Free Rotation Technology
Single Coin Acceptor Technology (1,2,5 and 10 Rupee
Coins and Special Tokens)
Double Coin Acceptor Technology (in Single Acceptor)
Unique Token Acceptor
100% Automatic Digital Model
Imported Coin Mechanism Fixed
Inspection Window Available


Body Type    Coated by MS Powder
Process Type    Manual Vending
Storage Capacity    30 Napkins
Vending Rate    Vend 1 Napkin at a Time
Size in Cm    L x B x H = 62 x 14 x 31
Coin Type    1, 2, 5, 10 Rs Coin or Special Token
Coin Selection    Customer Choice
Load Napkin Size    Only Thin Size
Mounting Type    Wall Mounting
Colour    Red or BluE

Product Details:

Product Code Disp30_002
Minimum Order 1
Construction MS Powder Coated
Process Manual Vending
Storage Capacity 30 Napkins
Dimension In CM Size ( L X B X H ) = ( 62 X 14 X 31 ) CM
Currency Value Accepts 1,2,5 & 10 Rupees Coin Or Special Token
Coin Selection Customers Choice
Load Napkin Size Thin Size Only
Installation Type Wall Mounting Unit
Inspection Method Inspection Method
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